Relationship Issues

At Lakeside Counseling we believe that the relationships our clients currently have in their lives effect their internal world.  We work with our clients to support those relationships and encourage our clients to invite their loved ones into session with them to see how they can further support the therapeutic process.


One of the modalities that we have found to be helpful in relationships is called EFT.  

The message of EFT is simple: Forget about learning how to argue better, analyzing your early childhood, making grand romantic gestures, or experimenting with new sexual positions. Instead, recognize and admit that you are emotionally attached to and dependent on your partner in much the same way that a child is on a parent for nurturing, soothing, and protection.

EFT focuses on creating and strengthening this emotional bond by identifying and transforming the key moments that foster an adult loving relationship.

 This definition above came directly from the site in the link below.  They're offering a workshop that you can sign up for if you are interested in EFT. 

Hold Me Tight

 EFT has an astounding 70 – 75% success rate and results have been shown to last, even in the face of significant stress.  

EFT is recognized by the American Psychological Association as empirically proven.

One of the books we recommend for couples is Sue Johnson's book called, "Hold Me Tight".  

Hold Me Out

Hold Me Tight Relationship Quiz 

Relationship Quiz for the Book Hold Me Tight



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